About Us

Hello, welcome to ComicReadingOrder.com. This blog is all about comic books and comic book reading order.

Who are we?

I am Praval Sharma, I am a comic book fan who started this blog. I am a comic book fan for a long time and created this blog to help fans all over the world. Comic Reading Order blog covers DC Comics, Marvel Comics, and Raj Comics. Slowly, we will start covering new comic publishers as well.

This blog focuses mainly on Comic storyline reading order. We just not only provide reading order but we explain what to read before and what to read after. It gives comic fans everything they needed to understand the story from the roots.

How to contact us?

If you want to contact me or other contributors, you can do it via email: admin@comicreadingorder.com

If you want to contribute to this blog, you can contact on the above email.