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Blackest Night Comic Series Reading Order

Blackest Night is one of the most popular comic series in DC comics. It is also considered as one of the best pre New 52 era series in DC Comics. The story is about a new Lantern corp known as Black Lantern. They want to end the life and light in the universe and want to spread darkness. The story started with Green Lantern Hal Jordon and their corps but later involved almost every superhero from DC Universe

Blackest Night is written by Geoff Johns and it involved almost all characters of DC comics. Blackest Night is a crossover event around Green and other Lanterns. The artwork of this series is highly appreciated by fans all over the world.


Blackest Night says

Here is the official synopsis“Across thousands of worlds, the dead have risen. These Black Lanterns, heroes and villains recruited from beyond the grave, have one purpose: extinguish all light and life in the universe. Hal Jordon has overcome death once before. As the greatest Green Lantern to ever wield the emerald ring, it is Hal’s unquestioned duty to lead the living against this overwhelming army of the dead.”

What you should read before Blackest Night?

Infinite Crisis

Infinite Crisis is also written by Geoff Johns. I highly recommended this series to read first before Blackest Night. There were many things that happened in the Infinite Crisis that impacted Blackest Night.

Green Lantern #36 – 42 and Green Lantern Corps #29-38

These two stories will give you basic knowledge of self-appointed Guardians of the Universe and other Lantern corps. You will see fights and competition between the seven corps and the birth of Black Lantern.

Blackest Night reading order

Before you read the reading order of the series see what happened to our favorite Superman and Wonder Woman in this series.

You can enjoy this crossover by reading only core issues as well. Here is the list of core issues.

  • Green Lantern #43 (this will give background of Black Lantern king)
  • Blackest Night #0 to 8

DC Comics provides the above titles in Blackest Night Saga Essential Edition.

Still, you want to enjoy each and every part of this series, and here is the complete reading order.

  1. Green Lantern #43
  2. Blackest Night #0
  3. Blackest Night – Tales of the Corps #1-3
  4. Blackest Night #1
  5. Green Lantern #44
  6. Green Lantern Corps #39
  7. Black Night – Batman #1-#3
  8. Blackest Night #2
  9. Green Lantern #45
  10. Green Lantern Corps #40
  11. Blackest Night – Superman #1 – #3
  12. Blackest Night #3
  13. Green Lantern #46
  14. Green Lantern Corps #41
  15. Adventure Comics #4-5
  16. Justice League of America #39-40
  17. Suicide Squad #67
  18. Secret Six #17-18
  19. Booster Gold #26-27
  20. Blackest Night #4
  21. Green Lantern #47
  22. Green Lantern Corps #42
  23. Blackest Night – Titans #1-3
  24. Teen Titans #77 -78
  25. Starman #81
  26. The Question #37
  27. Catwoman #83
  28. Doom Patrol #4-5
  29. Superman/Batman #66-67
  30. Blackest Night #5
  31. Green Lantern #48
  32. Green Lantern Corps #43
  33. Blackest Night – JSA #1-#3
  34. Blackest Night – Wonder Woman #1
  35. Green Arrow #30
  36. Adventure Comics #7
  37. Weird Western Tales #71
  38. Solomon Grundy #7
  39. Power of Shazam #48
  40. Outsiders #23-25
  41. Blackest Night #6
  42. Green Lantern #49
  43. Green Lantern Corps #44
  44. The Atom and Hawkman #46
  45. Black Night – The Flash #1-3
  46. Blackest Night – Wonder Woman #2-3
  47. Green Lantern #50-51
  48. Green Lantern Corps #45
  49. The Phantom Stranger #42
  50. Rebels #10-11
  51. Blackest Night #7
  52. Green Lantern #52
  53. Green Lantern Corps #46
  54. Blackest Night #8
  55. Green Lantern Corps #47
  56. Action Comics #890
  57. Blackest Night: Director’s Cut #1
  58. Untold Tales of Blackest Night #1

What to read after Blackest Night?

The aftermath of this crossover event is Brightest Day. It was a year-long event covered by DC comics. We will publish the reading order Brightest Day on as soon as possible.

Check out other DC comics reading order here.

Note – Credit for all images in this article goes to DC Comics.

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