House of M series Reading Order

House of M series Reading Order

House of M is another blockbuster series in Marvel Comics. The impact of House of M was company-wise and it was a well-written crossover spread over Marvel Universe. The series was published in 2005.

The series was a fallout of the Avengers Disassembled storyline and Scarlet Witch was the main attraction in this storyline. House of M was written by Brian Bendis and art by Olivier Coipel.

In this storyline, humans and mutants were living in the same world but mutants are the dominant species thanks to Scarlet Witch. Scarlet created a new world where Magneto is big in power and mutants are more than humans. The life of every superhero changed except two three people who are they? You will find out in the comic.

What to read before House of M?

House of M was a big event and the seeds for this event were planted way before. Here are some storylines that will give you a strong background to the event.

Avengers Disassembled (Avengers #500 to #503)

Avengers Disassembled sets up a lot of the human side of House of M. This series was based on the change of Avengers core team however, fans do not like this series due to some continuity error in the writing.

Excalibur #1 to #12

Excalibur sets up a lot of the X-Men side of House of M. Excalibur is a superhero group based in the United Kingdom.

House of M essential reading order

Prelude – Excalibur #13 and #14 are the proper preludes of this storyline and will give you an idea about the events going to happen.

House of M #1 to #8

These eight issues are a core part of this storyline and technically they are enough to understand the story. All the main characters involved in this story are part of these issues. However, if you want to read the proper impact of each superhero’s life due to change to reality then you need to read tie-ins as well.

Spider-man: House of M #1 to #5

Spiderman’s life is changed now. He has Gwen and Ben alive and he is married to his first love Gwen Stacy. But what will happen if Goblin exposed him with the help of Jonah. It is an emotional mini-series tie-in to the original event. It is one of the must-read tie-ins of the storyline.

House of M series Reading Order

Complete reading order

  1. House Of M #1
  2. House Of M #2
  3. Fantastic Four House Of M #1
  4. Fantastic Four House Of M #2
  5. Fantastic Four House Of M #3
  6. Spider-Man House Of M #1
  7. Spider-Man House Of M #2
  8. Spider-Man House Of M #3
  9. Spider-Man House Of M #4
  10. Spider-Man House Of M #5
  11. Iron Man House Of M #1
  12. Iron Man House Of M #2
  13. Iron Man House Of M #3
  14. Incredible Hulk #83
  15. Incredible Hulk #84
  16. Incredible Hulk #85
  17. Incredible Hulk #86
  18. New X-Men #16
  19. New X-Men #17
  20. New X-Men #18
  21. New X-Men #19
  22. Secrets Of The House Of M
  23. The Pulse House Of M Special
  24. House Of M #3
  25. House Of M #4
  26. Cable & Deadpool #17
  27. The Pulse #10
  28. Wolverine #33
  29. Wolverine #34
  30. Wolverine #35
  31. New Thunderbolts #11
  32. Captain America #10
  33. House Of M #5
  34. Mutopia X #1
  35. Mutopia X #2
  36. Mutopia X #3
  37. Mutopia X #4
  38. Black Panther #7
  39. Giant-Size Ms. Marvel
  40. House Of M #6
  41. House Of M #7
  42. Uncanny X-Men #462
  43. Uncanny X-Men #463
  44. Uncanny X-Men #464
  45. Uncanny X-Men #465
  46. Exiles #69
  47. Exiles #70
  48. Exiles #71
  49. House Of M #8

After years, Marvel published another mini-series where we will get to how Magneto take over the world altered by his daughter Wanda. However, don’t get confused with the name, it has nothing to do with the original Civil War event.

  1. Civil War: House of M #1
  2. Civil War: House of M #2
  3. Civil War: House of M #3
  4. Civil War: House of M #4
  5. Civil War: House of M #5

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