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Jurassic League limited series Reading Order

DC Jurassic League limited series is one of the most anticipated series of DC comics outside the main universe. As the name suggests, all the characters in this series are dinosaurs.

It is written by Daniel Warren Johnson and Juan Gedeon. Juan Gedeon works in double duty as he is a writer and artist both for this series.

Jurassic League reading order

IssueRelease month
Jurassic League #1May 2022
Jurassic League #2June 2022
Jurassic League #3July 2022
Jurassic League #4August 2022
Jurassic League #5September 2022
Jurassic League #5October 2022

What to expect from this series?

According to the synopsis, Superman is still the only survivor of his planet, Wonder Woman is “a goddess from a lost city,” and Batman, or rather, Batsaur, is a broody vigilante.

In this series, Darkseid is the main villain and we will see the dinosaur form of Joker as well.

Dinosaur form of the Justice League

CharacterDinosaur species
Wonder womanTriceratops

DC Comics regularly brings alternate Universe comic series and this time they are Dinosaur Universe. It is not the first comic to feature dinosaurs as the main characters. In 1988, Tony Mason created Dinosaurs for Hire, a comic series that follows the adventures of Archie the Tyrannosaurus and others.

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