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Marvel Beyond 2022 Reading Order

Beyond is the Spider-man storyline published by Marvel in 2022. In this storyline, Ben Reilly is back for the first time in the main Spider-man ongoing series after Clone Saga (Clone Saga referring to the original Clone Saga i.e. 1990). This time a big corporation named Beyond Corporation has its back on Ben Reilly.

Before all this, the original Spider-man was going through hell because of the Sinister War and he is too weak. He allowed Ben to become Spiderman and replace him in New York City. But things are not that simple due to the involvement of Beyond corporation.

The Beyond Corporation bought the trademarked Spider-Man identity from defunct Parker Industries patents and established Ben as a true superhero. These events have more impacts on Peter Parker’s life than he was expected. Even Miles Morales also become the target of Beyond corporation. No more spoilers for the story now.

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    Spiderman Beyond 2022 FAQ

    Parts19 main
    CharactersSpiderman and his side characters
    WriterZeb Wells, Jed MacKay, Patrick Gleason, Saladin Ahmed
    PencilerMultiple artists worked on the pages

    What to read before the Beyond storyline?

    The amazing part of this series is that you don’t need to read anything beforehand to understand the story. The storyline starts with Amazing Spider-Man #75 and ends in Amazing Spider-Man #93. However, if you are not familiar with Ben Reilly, you need to read the Clone Saga.

    However, if you want to understand the current condition of Peter Parker and his previous brutal fights, then you need to read The Sinister War storyline. It was the main storyline just before Beyond in Amazing Spider-Man. (Amazing Spider-Man #70 to Amazing Spider-Man #73 with core issues of Sinister War).

    Spiderman Beyond 2022 Reading Order

    Interestingly this storyline also clashed with the ongoing Devil’s Reign storyline and The Death of Doctor Strange storyline from tie-ins. The event went through directly in the Amazing Spider-Man series along with tie-ins of Miles Morales: Spider-Man #33-36 and Mary Jane & Black Cat – Beyond #1,

    1. Amazing Spider-Man #75
    2. Amazing Spider-Man #76
    3. Amazing Spider-Man #77
    4. Amazing Spider-Man #78
    5. Amazing Spider-Man #78.BEY
    6. Amazing Spider-Man #79
    7. Amazing Spider-Man #80
    8. Amazing Spider-Man #80.BEY
    9. Amazing Spider-Man #81
    10. Amazing Spider-Man #82
    11. Amazing Spider-Man #83
    12. Amazing Spider-Man #84
    13. Amazing Spider-Man #85
    14. Devil’s Reign – Spider-Man #1
    15. Amazing Spider-Man #86
    16. Amazing Spider-Man #87
    17. Mary Jane & Black Cat – Beyond #1
    18. Amazing Spider-Man #88
    19. Amazing Spider-Man #89
    20. Amazing Spider-Man #90
    21. Amazing Spider-Man #91
    22. Amazing Spider-Man #92
    23. Amazing Spider-Man #92.BEY
    24. Amazing Spider-Man #93

    What to read after Spider-man beyond storyline?

    As announced by Marvel, the year 2022 will be celebrated as the 60th anniversary of Spiderman and The Amazing Spider-Man will be relaunched with Zeb Wells as a writer and John Romita Jr. as the main artist on the title.

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