NagGranth Series Reading Order NagGranth Series

NagGranth Series Reading Order

Naggranth series is the latest installment from Raj Comics by Sanjay Gupta. It is part of the ongoing Narak Nashak Nagraj storyline. This series is special because we will witness the debut alternate personalities of many superheroes of Raj Comics like Show Stopper Dhruv, Anthin Anthony.

Narak Nashak Nagraj continued his journey to the Shiva temple from his dreams and arrived in Kashi along with Nagina. Professor Nagmani sent his son Nagdant to kill Nagraj in Kashi. In this comic event, Nitin Mishra wrote multiple storylines, and all are expected to give a perfect climax to this blockbuster series.

As of writing, it is expected that we are going to see the origin stories of Krodh Ketu Kobi, Show Stopper Dhruv, and Anthony. With the Facebook stories posted by artist Hemant Kumar, it is expected that Parmanu and Tiranga will join the Naggranth series.

Naggranth FAQ

Series NameNaggranth
WriterNitin Mishra
PencilerHemant Kumar
Parts5 expected
PublisherRaj Comics By Sanjay Gupta

What to read before Naggranth?

Naggranth is in continuity with the Narak Nashak Nagraj storyline. To understand the complete story you need some background reading. To know about “Paap Parishadh” and the demon god Anubis you need to read the Egypt series of Narak Nashak Nagraj.

  1. Makbara
  2. Takshak

The story from the above series continued in the Narak Nashak Nagraj origin series. This series has four parts.

  1. Narak Nashak
  2. Narak Niyati
  3. Narak Dhansh
  4. Narak Ahuti

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Naggranth Reading Order

As the series is ongoing so the exact number of parts is still unknown. However, the names of four parts are announced so it is expected that the series will have four parts. Here is the reading order.

#1 Adi Parv

Nagraj arrived in Kashi with Nagina. In this part, we also saw a battle between Nagraj and Nagdant. Thodanga gave a speech in Paap Parishadh on how he battled with Nagraj in Africa,

#2 Nag Parv

In this part, Thondanga continued his story of the battle against Nagraj. Meanwhile, Nagraj battled with Anthony to get a hint of the Shiva temple of his dream. We also witnessed the debut of Show Stopper Dhruv and Nagraj’s pre-birth Rajnag.

#3 Aranyak Parv

In the third installment of Naggranth series, Anthim tells the story of Rajnag to Nagraj. As of writing, this this the best part of this series which deeply explains the love of Rajnag and Visarpi. Tausi as Nagdassu (Snake Pirate) also have major role in this pre-birth saga of Nagraj.

#4 Halahal Parv

Expected to release in 2023.

#5 Virat Parv

Expected to release in 2023.

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