Nagraj World Terrorism Series Nagraj World Terrorism Series reading order

Nagraj World Terrorism Series Reading Order

Nagraj World Terrorism Series was a fresh take on Atankharta Nagraj. Atankharta Nagraj is different from the Nagraj who is residing in Mahanagar city. Atankharta Nagraj is an alternate timeline of Nagraj who decided to continue his journey in the World to destroy terrorism.

World Terrorism Series has multiple story arcs like the Japan series, the Spain series, the Germany series, and many more. Stories of initial arcs of the World Terrorism Series were weak but after the Italy series, it becomes one of the best in Raj Comics. In every new country, Nagraj faced a new terrorist organization and new challenges.

Along with country-specific series, Raj Comics also published two one-shots of Atankharta Nagraj with Doga and Tiranga respectively under the World Terrorism banner.

What to read before Nagraj World Terrorism Series?

You don’t need to read anything before this series. You just need knowledge about Nagraj and his reasons for his world tour against terrorism.

Nagraj World Terrorism Series Reading Order

Mexico Series

  • Hari Maut
  • Zahreela Barood

Spain Series

  • Mamber
  • Numero Uno

England Series

  • Operation Surgery
  • Mission Critical

Italy Series

  • Teen Sikke
  • Jung Maut Tak
  • Nagraj Under Arrest
  • Omerta – the code to silence
  • Aankh Micholi
  • Paanchva Shikar

Japan Series

  • Ronin
  • Kamikaze
  • Tomo
  • Shikata Ga Nai

Germany Series

  • Order of Babel
  • New World Order
  • World War
  • Veergati

Kshatipoorti Series

  • Kshatipoorti
  • Maut ka Bazigar
  • Vishparast
  • Vishharta (Yet to publish)

One-shots available

  • 26/11 (with Doga)
  • I-SPY (with Tiranga)

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