Narak Nashak Nagraj Origin

Narak Nashak Nagraj Origin Reading order

Narak Nashak Nagraj Origin series is one of the most successful series in the history of Raj Comics. Narak Nashak Nagraj is one of the alternate personalities of Nagraj in the alternate universe. Its universe is known as the Narak Nashak universe. Narak Nashak Nagraj Origin series is written by Nitin Mishra and art by Hemant Kumar.

What to read before the Narak Nashak Nagraj Origin series?

This series is basically narrated by Professor Nagmani in the “Paap Parishadh” (a place where all villains gathered under the supervision of demon god Anubis). To know about Paap Parishadh you need to read below two comics.

  1. Makbara
  2. Takshak

Narak Nashak Nagraj Origin complete reading order

The series has four comics.

#1 Narak Nashak

In this comic, Professor Nagmani started with a speech in Paap Parishadh and explains how he got baby Nagraj, his journey with baby Nagraj and his early struggles.

#2 Narak Niyati

In this comic, we will know how young Nagraj become a superhero and how Niyati becomes part of his life.

#3 Narak Dhansh

A slow-burning comic where we will know how slowly Nagraj knows the secrets of Nagmani and another top villain Shankar Shahanshah

#4 Narak Ahuti

In this 100+ pages finale, we will see how young superhero Narak Nashak becomes Nagraj and his ultimate showdown with unexpected villains.

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What to do read after?

Raj Comics was divided into three parts – Raj Comics by Sanjay Gupta, Raj Comics by Manoj Gupta, and Raj Comics by Manish Gupta. Sanjay Gupta introduced new series called “Naggranth” where Narak Nashak Nagraj continued his journey for the Shiv temple of his dreams and new superheroes like Show Stopper Dhruv were introduced from this series.

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