War For Earth-3 Reading Order War For Earth-3

War For Earth-3 crossover event reading order

War For Earth-3 is a 2022 crossover event spread between Suicide Squad, Teen Titans Academy, and The Flash title. The Titans and The Flash arrived on Earth-3 to find a missing student. They are suspecting the involvement of Amanda Waller. She is creating her own Justice Squad team.

Just for your information, Earth-3 is the Earth where all of the Justice League members are actually villains known as Crime Syndicate. Task Force X arrived on Earth-3 with Amanda Waller who wants to claim the world for herself.

What to read before War For Earth-3?

Suicide Squad (2021 series) #1 to #12

This series will give you a background reading of Suicide Squad and will update you with the latest roster of Suicide Squad’s ongoing series.

Teen Titans Academy #1 to #12

This series is something different. All of our favorite Teen Titans superheroes like Nightwing, Starfire, Raven, Cyborg, and Beast Boy are now teachers and they are now teaching the new generation.

War For Earth-3 Reading Order

It is a five-part mini-series. Here is the correct reading order.

Part 1 – War for Earth-3 #1

The series beginner will tell us that Crime Syndicate will hunt down the former Task Force X leader and Teen Titans along with The Flash arrived on Earth-3.

Part 2 – Suicide Squad (2021 series) #13

Amanda Waller’s own Suicide Squad is there and Waller has her own plans.

Part 3 – The Flash #780

Wally West joins Teen Titans on Earth-3 but things are not that easy. Earth-3 have their own speedster Johnny Quick.

Part 4 – Teen Titans Academy #13

The story of the missing student raises some eyebrows. Find out in this issue.

Part 5 – War for Earth-3 #2

The series finale will bring the fight all over the place and many secrets will be revealed.

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What to read next?

All of the respective series involved (Suicide Squad, Teen Titans Academy, and The Flash) will continue their ongoing storyline after this crossover. As of now, DC Comics has not published any official aftermath of this event. Stay tuned.

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